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Cutie’s Kitty Rescue

Cutie's Kitty RescueMeow! In this adorable management game your task is to take care of neglected cats. You play as Cutie who is running a rescue center. Look after the new arrivals, treat their wounds, feed them and improve their overall well-being before releasing them into a new, loving home. How many cats can you rescue?

Ice-Cream, Please!

Ice-Cream, Please!In our game Ice-Cream, Please! the customer is king. Prepare the ice cream cone as it shows in the picture, according to your customers wishes. For this you have to combine different flavors, toppings and fruits. If the cone is ready, tap the green check mark. The faster you are ready the more points you will get. If you want to start over tap the red cross. Within your limited time, the ice cream cone needs to be flawless, otherwise you will lose a life. Better save them for the next level!

Fast Food Takeaway

Fast Food TakeawayStart your career in the fast food industry! In this fun management and skill game, you’re the owner of a small food truck and your goal is to expand your business. Serve customers and fulfill all their needs to earn as much money as possible. Upgrades to your food cart will help you to attract more customers and increase your revenue. Will you become the next fast food superstar?

Cargo shipment san francisco

Cargo shipment san franciscoIt\’s your job to make sure that your company grows in San Francisco! Place
buildings and other objects alongside the roads to make sure that the cargo is
shipped at full speed. This way you\’ll earn more money with which you can buy
new upgrades! Do you have what it takes to earn 3 stars in every single level? Mouse – Perform action

Michelle’s Baby Rush 2

Michelle's Baby Rush 2Enjoy playing the role of Michelle the babysitter in this second game of the series. The parents who bring their children to you believe that you will take good care of them and keep them happy and satisfied all the time. Serve all the babies according to their respective demands and attain the goal in each level to win the game. You can play this babysitting game with your mouse.

Doli Fun Clean Up

Doli Fun Clean UpThe four DoliDoli buddies are ready to embark on a major “autumn cleaning marathon”! If you’d like to join them on their tidying up, their sweeping, sorting and mending little activities, indoors and outdoors, feel free to get this fun clean-up game started and lend them a helping hand or two!

Cooking Noodles

Cooking NoodlesYour boss is out of city on a business tour. Now you are in charge of his Noodles Restaurant. You have to make the business profitable by running a successful restaurant. Cook the noodles as per the customers request and serve everything from single noodle orders to multiple orders. Serve right orders and keep your customers happy! Use your mouse to play the game.

Flourish Spa

Flourish SpaWelcome to the Flourish Spa! The place where people get relaxed and enjoy their procedures. Your task is to help your customers to become healthy and happy in this wonderful new spa salon! Serve the visitors, perform all the spa procedures which visitors ask and earn money for new upgrades after each level. For playing the game wait the customers and see their requests. Then drag and drop them to the spa station which they ask. Some procedures need help, so you will have to click customers to start. When the spa procedure is over just click the visitor to take money.