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Dummy escape

Dummy escapeHelp Dummy to escape this evil test cube by disabling the security systems with the lasers. The player does this by dragging the lasers so the dummy can pass through the security systems thus disabling them. Use the left mouse button to pickup laser nodes. Hold the left mouse button to drag and finally release to place it on a new location.

Battle On Islands

Battle On IslandsTake the battle to the sky in this 3d airplane shooter. Blast down the other planes using your gun or your missile. Remain the only one in the sky to win. Players are challenged to eliminate the enemy with classic fighter aircraft of World War I. This game has 9 levels with increasing difficulty each level.
Mouse to move and shoot

WoodDoo School 1 (light)

WoodDoo School 1 (light)Point’n’click game from DooDoo.ru (light version)
The clever owl opened the School of Magic in our fairy forest.
Everyone can join the “WoodDoo” educational program. Take the chance to crack a book! Learn how to transform old rubbish into works of art. Pass through the game, collect useful items, solve puzzels and find some of the magicrecipe. Intelligent animals will help you.
Some items can be combined in attach.