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Pumpkin Boy

Pumpkin BoyThe good spirits of Pumpkin boy\’s world have been trapped by an unknown evil force and scattered throughout the land. You will have to find the golden key on each level and then open the chest to release the captured good spirit.
Arrow keys to move and jump / SPACE bar to shoot spray at enemies [ if you prefer you can use the Z key to jump and X key to spray ]

Hold down SHIFT and then use arrow keys to look around.

Carny Caravan Escape

Carny Caravan EscapeCarny Caravan Escape is another escape game from RogueJoker.com. At the carnival with your friends, they dare you to take a look inside the fortune-tellers caravan… No sooner do you enter when the door slams shut behind you and now you are locked in. Find clues to solve the puzzle & escape before the Carnies come back and catch you. Good luck!


TomooAn adventure platformer with 20 levels. Run, jump and fly with Tomoo. Use his special ears to fly and to carry things. Your mission is to collect all the monster teeth and find the exit of each level. A challenging platformer for all ages. Arrow keys to move. A or UP to jump/fly and S to pickup items.

Bubble kiss

Bubble kissHelp the cute kids to have fun without getting noticed by others and fill the bar with sweet hearts before the time.
If anyone stares at them while doing naughty things one life will be reduced.
You have 3 lives for a level. Explore all the levels to score more points. Use mouse to interact

Flappy Killer

Flappy KillerRecently, Flappy have a big fan base, but also quite a lot of people who hate Flappy Bird. If you hate Flappy, this game is perfect for you. Yoypo want to kill all Flappy but it is coming from all sides and steadily increasing the number. You kill Flappy in a row, you win the +1 extra point and these point add on your score. Yoypo move by “W A S D” keys . Indicate the direction of the shot with mouse and you can shoot with the mouse left button. Endless bullet. You can shoot with your gun as you want but you hit Flappy in a row win the +1 extra point and these point add on your score.

Girl at the Dentist

Girl at the DentistIt looks like the music studio is not the only place where our teenage singer will be going today, she has an appointment at one of the most famous dentist’s office. She has some trouble with her teeth, and for the last couple of days she could not support any more pain, so she must get rid of the bad tooth that’s upsetting her and also clean her teeth from bacteria and other cavities. Help our girl get her smile back and have fun being a dentist for a day! Play this game using only the muse.

Ultimate force 2 cpm star

Ultimate force 2 cpm starTerrorists are back! Ultimate Forces must stop them once again! Use your mouse to aim & shoot.

Ultimate force 2 cpm star

Ultimate force 2 cpm starTerrorists are back! Ultimate Forces must stop them once again! Use your mouse to aim & shoot.

FishJong 2

FishJong 2Challenge your Mahjong skills in the deep ocean of FishJong 2! Combine 2 of the same free fish to remove them. Make combo’s, beat more rounds and go for the ultimate highscore. Click to match the same tiles and clear the board.
Darker tiles are locked. To unlock clear a tile on
the left or right side of them. Also make sure
there are no tiles above them. Match tiles faster to get bonus combo points. See how far can you go and can you do it again! Clear the board before the time runs out! You
also get time bonus points!

Tasty BubbleShooter

Tasty BubbleShooterPlay this funny and sweet bubble shooter game. Aim with your sweets at the other on the board to remove them. Your goal is to clean all sweets from all levels.

My Little Circuits

My Little CircuitsFar far away in the space, on a small planet that is populated by small robots the conveyor has broken.
And the robots lost their Circuits. You have to help them find their lost parts. Your goal is to return the lost parts to robots.
Use your mouse to remove or activate blocks.
Physics will do the rest 🙂

Special Ops

Special OpsPrepare yourself for some heavy action as the last member of a special operations team sent to a slum, in order to end the trafficking operations of a local druglord. Don’t stop until all resistance is cleared. License to kill! Special Ops is a first person shooter for Flash, featuring high-quality graphics done on a high-end software renderer. Not only it’s a piece of great tech, it’s a huge amount of entertainment. Created by Retronamic Games, pioneer in FPS development for Flash.

Bulldozer Mania

Bulldozer ManiaSelect your dozer and bulldoze the load to the end of each level. Use the loader to lift and destroy things that are in your way. Can you handle being a dozer driver? Use the arrow keys to drive. Use the bulldozer to deliver the load to the end of each level.

Truck Wars

Truck WarsGear up and choose your favorite four wheel war machine to race across the wildest terrain performing extreme stunts! Hop in the drivers seat and out perform all the other racers buy destroying them. Don’t forget to press the Z button when jumping off ramps to gain massive air! Use the arrow keys to drive and balance the truck.

Baby Tooth Problems

Baby Tooth ProblemsThis baby is having some tooth problems and in this girl dentist game you will need to sort them out and giver her a nice smile with some really white teeth so they will shine in the TV show. Use the mouse to play the doctor.