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Mickey and zombies 2

Mickey and zombies 2Help Mickey to rescue his friends and reach to the finish.
Watch on zombies. Look for hummer to break walls and get keys
to open cage. You have 15 levels to complete the game.
Have Fun all the way in this funny adventure game!

Bluoo Pink Extreme

Bluoo Pink ExtremeIn the platform adventure game Bluoo Pink Extreme: Bluoo and Pink were in a great adventure of treasure land. Help each of them to collect their own favorite diamonds and find the way out of each level. This is the third installment of the popular game series. Remember that Bluoo and pink likes different diamonds! Use arrow keys for Pink to move and WASD for Bluoo to move.

Bunny Wildflowers

Bunny WildflowersTest your skills with this fast paced flowers catching game. Help the bunny by catching wild flowers. Be careful though, catching fewer flowers lowers your score. You will also face some obstacle while catching the flowers; it may reduce your life. To catch the flowers falling down, you need to press the corresponding keys. Using your arrow keys help the bunny to collect as many flowers as possible! Hurry up!