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Tommy the Monkey Pilot

Tommy the Monkey PilotSuper brave Tommy the Monkey Pilot on his quest to save all the balloons for his friend! Tommy?s girlfriend Tina had a bunch of colorful balloons. The evil storm clouds caused the whole bunch of balloons to scatter and escape into the sky. Seeing how sad Tina is about it, Tommy jumps into his triplane and scramble to get all the balloons for her. Be brave and quick and get all the balloons for Tina!

Im the man

Im the manIt’s zombie hunting season! Stock up on that ammo and let the zombie massacre commence! Each zombie kill gives you money to spend after the hard days work of killing the undead. Use it to purchase guns to aid your slaying. Press on the arrow keys to move, A key to fire. You can change weapons by pressing key 1 to 9 (after purchase)

Spiteful space

Spiteful spaceWe were constantly in search of living organisms like us. We sought them out for cultural exchange and the sharing of ideas, but they were not interested. Colonized systems were captured, people were dying every second. It all started in Xilar, seek out the source of the enemy and destroy it.

Beauty Legs Treatment

Beauty Legs TreatmentThis girl had no time to take care of her legs, and, as a result, they see very unkempt now. Today she finally has a little time to solve this problem. Help the girl to bring her legs to order as quickly as possible. Enjoy!

Beyonce Dress up

Beyonce Dress upBeyonce is getting ready for a big concert. And of course she will be unable to choose her new style without a professional stylist. Will you help her in this complicated matter? Hurry up – the concert will soon begin.

Pin-up Mermaid Doll Creator

Pin-up Mermaid Doll CreatorIt\’s high time you learned how to create your dolls on your own. Today our objective is a beautiful mermaid doll. Are you ready to work with your hands? Make the most beautiful doll you can and boast it to your friends!

Under cover ops

Under cover opsYour job is to take out an entire guerilla base and weapon supply just with a knife.. Its absolutly essential to stay undetected so your only weapon will be a army knife.. Use the arrowkeys to move around, press on the UP key while standing next to a bridge/hill/ladder to climb up, press up/down to suprise your enemies on the platforms.

Sly Ninja Fighter

Sly Ninja FighterSly Ninja is a fast-paced action platformer filled with challenging barricades, deadly contraptions and a final boss. Are you sly enough to navigate yourself as the masked ninja through all obstacles and rotating saws to the exit? Much fun! Move, A = Jump, S = Attack


BloomoAn exciting underwater journey of captain Bloomo in search of very rare plant.
Realistic underwater physics. Nonlinear story, different endings (you can save the world or let it die). Dangerous traps, secret places, huge world and interesting puzzles in one game! Arrows – move;
Mouse click – shot with harpoon

Ben10 Torpedo

Ben10 TorpedoPlay as Ben10 and grab your gun, fight back waves of aliens and push your way to the exits, pick up food to heal yourself and pick up power ups to transform and use more powerful weapons! Upgrade your gun at the end of each level to help you on the next.

What Happened here?

What Happened here?You woke up and saw with terror that your house was completely destroyed. There were some strange spots on the carpet, a bloody knife was lying on the table, and you felt that something terrible has happened here… Well, let’s try to investigate it on our own before calling the police.

Zombie Tractor

Zombie TractorOnly you left alive. The other citizens are infected with dangerous virus that turned them into walking dead. Drive away from infected territories, make your way through the hordes of zombies, smash them, get rewards, upgrade your tractor and stay away from the darkness. The evil hides there.
UP and DOWN – Drive, LEFT and RIGHT – Tilt, Z – Nitro, SPACE – Brake.